May 6, 2010

An excellent TV series has been airing over the past week or so.

The series is also being posted to the History Channel’s website. Currently, they can be viewed at

This is an excellent series!!! I am just catching up on the few episodes that have already aired and my take is it is very big on the virtues of patriotism, individual responsibility, and the unique experiment that is America.

Very much worth your time and the time of those who need to learn about the origins of this country and the creation of the Bill of Rights and The Constitution.

When I was younger, 1776 seemed so distant – almost light years away from my personal everyday life. But I realize now that time is just a continuum – that these men and women that helped birth America are our neighbors and friends and 1776 was just a moment ago.

The following two episodes have already aired. The next will be on the History Channel at Sundays at 9/8c (on the West Coast, that’s 6 p.m.). We highly recommend watching!

America The Story of Us: Rebels (45:00)

This is the story of how, over seven generations, a group of European settlers survive against all odds, claw themselves up, and then turn against their colonial masters. A diverse group of men, women and children are about to become truly American. It can be viewed here:

America The Story of Us: Revolution (45:00)

The colonies declare independence, taking on the might of the British Empire. Washington’s army is near defeat, but new weapons and battle tactics turn the tide. Forged through revolution, a new nation is born.


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