July 18, 2010

Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington (CHHEW) offers a source of information, networking and seminars which will help the Christian homeschooling parents and kids. Their website is located at www.christianheritageonline.org

Their website includes information about how the government-based school organizations may attempt to undermine homeschooling. As Americans, we need to be aware of our God-given and Constitutional rights, and remember that “We the People”, not “We the Bureaucrats” or “We the Politicians” have the authority under our U.S. Constitution. It’s crucial that each of us read the Consitutition, and get up-to-speed about the constant undermining that is taking place. A good source to learn more is www.citizenreviewonline.org.

From the CHHEW website:

Please Click Here to Read this Crucial Article for Homeschoolers.

  • Especially note the fifth paragraph which reads as follows:

“[E]very family needs to realize that the Constitution of the United States has a Fourth Amendment that states that no one from the government can enter a home unless they have a warrant [that has been] signed by a judge,” Klicka explains. “And the judge cannot sign it unless there is probable cause—and most of the time these social workers do not have probable cause or credible evidence.”

  • Copy this paragraph (or entire article) and keep it handy in your homeschooling files.
  • Please share this article & crucial paragraph with all your homeschooling friends.