For they will know you by the “fruits” that you bear. How well do your actions line up with your ‘witness’. When you look at the way you have treated people through out the day, do you feel as if you have been a light by your words and actions? Would those same people when they look back on the day, agree with you?
We are the body of Christ. As with our own bodies, not every part has the same function, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing the job. It means we were called to a different job. Do you criticise your neighbor for not going out and shouting from the rooftops about Christ? We weren’t all called to be sheperds or ministers. If we had been, then there would be no flock for those to lead or encourage to go out into the fields and harvest.
Don’t feel down because you find it difficult to go out and verbally witness to people; perhaps your witness is in your actions. The way you speak, the way you serve, the way you give to others. Be proud of what God has given you. If you still find yourself ‘unsure’ of your own gifts, then seek Gods guidance. His word states, that if we seek, we will find. Stand firm in this knowledge and be the best person you can be with the gifts God has given you.
Lord, we come before you and we ask for your guidance in our daily routines and actions. We thank you for making us each unique and yet a part of your body. We thank you that we can use our gifts to share your love with others on a daily basis. Lord, show us the path you would have us take this day – to glorify you in the best way that we can. To be a witness of your grace and your love, so that others may see you through us and seek you because of us. We praise you for these opportunities. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.