Bill Bumpas – OneNewsNow
– 3/11/2011

A Christian educator says a recent investigation into how socialism is creeping into public school curriculum is another wake-up call for parents to be vigilant when it comes to their child’s education.

Glenn Beck’s news website, The Blaze, uncovered an educational program taught in many public schools called “Building Fluency Through Practice And Performance” — that under the guise of teaching children to read actually teaches that the Preamble to the Constitution promises that needs for housing, education, transportation, and healthcare are overseen by the government.

Finn Laursen with Christian Educators Association International reminds parents that they need to be the primary educators of their children — especially when it comes to teaching them a Christian worldview.

“If we prepare our children at home, when they hear different philosophies — whether its socialist, liberal, secular, humanist; whatever it is — when they hear philosophies in school as being contrary to what they’re being taught at home, they can then go home to their parent and say ‘Guess what we learned today?'”

Finn Laursen (CEAI)Laursen says parents need to be aware of new curriculum that is being adopted at schools. “It would be foolish to assume that all the curriculum in the public school would be from a biblical worldview — it’s not going to be,” he states. “And so parents need to be just that: vigilant — [and to] consider themselves the primary educators of their children.”

He also says if parents feel there are some things in the school they do not want their child exposed to, they need to opt them out.