Here is an exercise for today. Go to a mirror and look at yourself. I mean, really, look at yourself. What do you see reflected? Do you see your flaws? Do you feel unhappy with what you see? Do you find yourself picking apart the reflection in the mirror? So many of us won’t even take the time to look at ourselves because all we see are the flaws. Sure, you use a mirror as a necessary evil to prepare for your day. Or for some people, it simply hangs on the wall and you do what you can to avoid it.

Here is a reminder: You are beautifully and wonderfully wrought. The physical body not only can change, but does change with time. Sometimes you may not like what you see, but take a moment and look deeper. Look in your eyes and what do you see there? Do you see the reflection of Christ? Do you see the light that has been set aside? Do you see what God sees in you? How perfect you are? You remain perfect just as you are.

Psalms 139:14

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

If you look in the mirror and see a stranger, take the time to get to know yourself. Know “me”. If you find something in yourself that isn’t reflecting the person you know you should be, remember you have the power to change it. You have the power to grow spiritually. You have the power to improve your body, the temple of Christ. If you love what you see reflected at you, if you know you are on the path that God has for you. Rejoice in that. Don’t let vanity rule your life. Don’t let the standards of the world make your decisions for you. Understand that God doesn’t make mistakes, He makes miracles. You are that miracle.

Let your reflection be of kindness, not only for others, but for yourself. Let your reflection be of love, not just showing it to others but showing it to yourself. Let your reflection be of grace and forgiveness, not only for others but for yourself. Are you starting to see the pattern here? God doesn’t just want us to show others He also want us to show ourselves. How much greater can you give when you know the power that giving and accepting who you are and how you have been transformed by having Christ in your life? Transforming power. Changing the way, you see yourself will allow you to also change the way you see others. Step by step, day by day, as you grow in His power, strength and love, you can and will change your world. From the inside out.




We thank you for creating in us a clean heart. For helping us to grow along both physical and spiritual lines. We ask that you help us to remember every day who we are in you. Help us to remember to rejoice in your love, mercy and grace. Help us to see ourselves through your eyes.

Teach us day by day, moment by moment, that we are not only willing but able to do the things that you have set out for us. Help us to find the strength and resolve to move forward in who we are in you. Help us to see ourselves the way that you see us. Fill us with your love to over-flowing so that we may both know your love and therefore be able to share it with others.

We ask this in Jesus name,