I love the Lord for He heard MY cry. (Psalm 40:1).  How many times do we go through our day without remembering to thank God for the things He has done for us?  In our fast food society, it is easy to “forget” that God blesses us each day with the air we breathe.  Not only can we see this great Artist at work in the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, but in the sky itself during the day.  Yet we forget that these small gifts are from Him too.

We want the big things and we want them now.  When we are sick, we want healing.  When we are lonely, we want comfort.  When we are depressed, we want reassurance.

The truth is, God does all these things for us, but we forget that often it’s in the small things that He reveals himself.  We are too busy searching the heavens for some thunderbolt to strike us: we don’t thank Him for these little things.

How can God give us more, when we fail with the little things?  “To whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48).  We want much but not the responsibility it brings with us.

Perhaps today is the day that we should all start remembering that God is in the everyday, ordinary things, as well as the extraordinary.  He is the Jehovah-Jireh, our God who provides (Gen. 22:14).