homeschooled famous peopleWe at Paxx Enterprises are strongly supportive and believe in the importance of homeschooling, Christian schooling and/or supplementing a public school education for our young people in order to offer them a firm foundation, and “raise them up in the way they should go…”

To homeschool or to supplement the public school curriculum can take far less time and effort if your curriculum is set up correctly. We offer here ideas for your consideration – including possible curriculums, resources, and ideas about the various methods of homeschooling. Since each child is unique, it’s a great way to educate with him or her in mind – and utilizing their interests and God-given abilities.

Too, it’s important to teach subjects like history, science and other subjects from the Judeo-Christian perspective that our country was founded upon.

There are many resources across the Internet for homeschooling – both free and paid. We will be putting together a listing of some of the better ones for your use (check out the “Articles for Homeschooling“) – along with some ideas about developing a variety of curriculums. Currently we are using an online course, but plan on developing our own curriculum for next year. As we gather information and ideas, we’ll be sharing those, too. Keep tuned!

While this website will initially be geared toward Washington State, we will be expanding the information about other States as we further develop this site.

We’ll also be setting up a blog at some point in order to get input from you – and share ideas.

We hope you’ll bookmark this website, and check in with us often!

What’s Your First Step Toward Homeschooling?

Read, read, read

But don’t read too many “This is the way to teach your child” books. You’ll end up confused and convinced that you can’t do it. Instead, read a few “how-to” books and lots of books on world history, philosophy, religion, biology, psychology, literature, and other topics. If you don’t know where to start, go to the library and look up all the children’s books on the subject in which you’re interested. MORE>>>>>

Want other resources for online Christian education?

Try these:

Freedom Project Education
An online classical, Judeo-Christian, non common core live school with accredited teachers.  Teaches “how” to think, not “what” to think.  They charge tuition with monthly arrangements for payments if necessary.

Alpha Omega Homeschooling
Offers a variety of learning / teaching options, from homeschooling with books, to online homeschooling (Monarch), and full-fledged accredited online school. Prices vary.  (Monarch is a one-time charge per subject, very reasonable way to educate.  It’s an online course, using online grading system for quizzes; parent must grade written essays.)