Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how hard you may pray, you may find yourself sick; whether its with the flu or just a cold. These times in our lives, we feel physically miserable. When you mention you aren’t feeling well, most people will respond with drink plenty of tea and/or liquids and get some rest.

When we are physically down, and we need something to help lift our spirits, this is a good time to take advantage of catching up on our reading, listening to music or simply relaxing.

So here are a few options: Have you ever heard of ‘scripture tea’. It is a tea bag with a scripture on it. I recommend the Green Tea, but there are different types to choose from. You can pour yourself a warm cup and meditate on God’s word.

If you have never read any of Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul. (There are several subject matters out there.) These are books filled with small, uplifting stories of everyday people. They are very inspiring and I have enjoyed several of them. Whether you just need a ‘bite’ to uplift you by reading one random story or you want the whole ‘bowl’; these stories are sure to lift your spirit.

As a final recommendation when you are allowing your body to heal from a physical sickness is praise and worship music. I love Praise and Worship; Ron Kenoly, Hillsongs, Matt Redman, Jeremy Camp. I could go on as there is a lot of really good praise and worship music out there. It is very uplifting to the soul.

So no matter what you do while you are sick, there are always ways to praise Him, to meditate on His Word and to Glorify Him through your actions.

Father God,

We come before you thanking and praising you for giving us another day. We ask a special blessing upon those who are sick today. No matter the degree of their pain, Lord, we ask that you wrap your arms of love around them, heal them. Lord we thank you that you have given us an opportunity to minister and pray for those who are sick and lonely. For those who are not feeling well, who are struggling with physical or mental pain or both Lord.

You know the needs of your people. We thank you for your healing power. We ask that you bless each and every person today. Let them know your light, your love and your power.

Thank you Father for all of these things and more.

In Jesus Name we pray,