January 26, 2010

There are a number of good websites and books to offer the Christian scientific view of creation. The secular world would have us believe in the “theory” of “evolution” – and often it’s not taught as a “theory” at all, but as “fact”! If the public school system would allow the teaching of creation science side-by-side with the teaching of the theory of evolution, I wouldn’t have such a problem with it. However, because evolution is taught as “truth”, rather than as “theory”, it sometimes sways the minds of our children toward that thinking, instead of helping them to keep an open mind to the possibility (and truth) of a Creator. (Where there’s a design, there must be a “Designer”.)

You’ve probably already heard the one about the clock – try taking a clock and dropping its parts all over the floor, and then having it magically reassemble itself perfectly. What are the odds of that happening? Further, where did the original parts come from in the first place? They were made! By a “Maker”!

The logic of creation is so strong – and yet, the lie that has been perpetrated upon us for so many years is believed by many.

For a really neat look by NASA at our universe, click here.

A few good books about the science of Creation include Ken Ham’s “6 Days of Creation” and “Alternative Creationist Theories and History Drawn From The Bible” by Curtis Hatfield, which includes “eye witness accounts of cataclysmic earth changes over 13,000 years are discussed. The book is designed to assist parents in requiring uncensored coverage of creationist curricula equal with theory of evolution.”

For your own benefit as parent, “Arguments Creationists Should Not Use”, by Sarfati Jonatha is a good one. There are many others which you can find at our bookstore.

Several websites I recommend for the study of creation science includes Christian Answers, which features a 20-minute free video called The Great Dinosaur Mystery motion picture.

And for some free online videos about different aspects of creation – go to Answers in Genesis.

Creation Evidence Museum offers interesting articles and photos at a children’s level of understanding.