Hillsdale College is pleased to announce an engaging and enjoyable resource for teaching the U.S. Constitution to students of any age: constitutionreader.com

This free digital resource makes the U.S. Constitution come alive for anyone who watns to learn about the principles of liberty underlying our Constitution.

This interactive website features:

  • Beautiful high-resolution images that bring American history to life.
  • An interactive timeline, which can be explored chronologically or by topic.
  • More than 100 searchable primary-source documents, selected and introduced by the Hillsdale College Politics Department faculty.
  • A database of selected quotes, sorted by both author and topic.

Visit this site today, and explore American constitutionalism. This resource is – and always will be – available at no cost to all Americans. Join Hillsdale College at constitutionreader.com and get started today!

Pass this olong to all the parents, teachers and students you know!