I believe that every one who has come to a personal knowledge of Christ has also been called to ministry. [Pause for the count of 10.] I just want that to ‘sink in’. I am not saying everyone is called to be a Minister as in Pastor or missionary. What I am saying is that every one has been given a gift that they can share with others. This gift, whether it be holding the hand of a friend who is suffering, praying for your loved ones, baking cookies, is meant to be shared to the glory of God.

Every gift is different and yet the same. The way that we are a light for our Savior is not going to necessarily be the same as the person you are standing next to or even living with. It will be the same in the way that it is meant to be shared as a means to let others see and know God through our lives.

How do you find your “gift”? How do you know what you were called for? Are you waiting for lightning to strike or the clouds to part in the sky and a voice to shout your name with an arm reaching down to give you a road map? You have already been given a gift to give you just need to not compare it to other’s gifts. As with all things, when we start to compare we can often fall short and feel that what we have isn’t as good/great/wonderful as someone else. This can open the door to envy, jealous and depression.

What is it that you love to do? Knit. Cook. Write Poems. Encourage others. Pray. No matter what it is, it is the PERFECT gift.