My own struggles are often at the forefront of my mind: the challenges I am going to be facing and the journey that I am on. Yet, when I went to pray this morning, my thoughts were for you.

For the one who comes across this blog post, I want you to know. I am praying for you.

I don’t know your name or your situation. I don’t know where you are or where you are going. I do know that I am praying for you. I am praying that you will allow God to direct your path and your journey. That you will know His love and His light. That you will know you are surrounded by His angels as they keep watch over your each and every step.

Know that God is there to give you strength, to lean on, to help you through until you reach the other side. He cares for you, even when you don’t care for yourself. Even when you curse His name for the wrongs you find in the world. He is there. He is there waiting. Offering you hope and peace. He is there to comfort you if you will allow Him.

Even if you don’t want Him in your life; for whatever reason, know this one thing: that someone somewhere cares enough to pray for you as you read this. That God has placed it on the heart of a complete and total stranger to pray for your well-being and that you will know His love.

Our journeys are never easy. We look at the things that are happening in the world and we blame God. We don’t place the blame where it belongs; we don’t remember that He has given man free-will and power over the earth. That is it our choices that bring about so many of the things that are happening. The choices made in the garden of Eden brought about the fall of man – and our choices since then that continue to perpetuate so much of what is wrong with the world. However, we don’t need to place blame at all. We need to learn to trust God and know that He is with us; the He is suffering with us, that by allowing Him to be a part of all we do, we are stronger. We are in a better place in our hearts and our lives allowing us to give to others.

So know this, I am praying for you.